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Thanks for taking the time to watch my video and now read the description! I appreciate the support and hope you enjoyed it :)Subscribe for more videos! http.. If roobet is banned in your location go look for other websites to play Stop trying to find loop holes They will only hurt you. I will continue to remove the account creation requests in my attempt to help protect the community from scams Crash predictors are scams Accounts creation tools/services are scams Withdrawal service's are scam

Crash Call Roobet Predictor Get Multipliers. done_all 99.8% Accuracy. Our system uses the most advanced dehashing technology to predict Crash multipliers. We guarantee over 99% accuracy on predictions. insights Realtime Prediction. Our prediction technology predicts multipliers in real time while Crash games are happening. Bet with confidence! money_off Free Forever. Our service is and will. Roobet-Crash-predictor. Roobet Crash predictor windows. Download zip unzip follow READ IMPORTANT HOW TO INSTALL.tx Roobet Casino Join The Fun. 600+ Games At Your Finger Tips. All the games you love, on any device using only your crypto. 600+ Games. 1.2B+ Total Wagers. 60,000+ Daily Users. 200+ Countries. Feature Filled. Daily rewards, weekly lottery draws, live streams & chats, free plays and more. Cross Platform . Roobet is developed to work on Computers, Tablets & Mobile Phones!.

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#roobet #crash #adWanna try Roobet and get free money and Instant Roowards? Roobet Code: lepajee https://roobet.com/?ref=lepajeeTwitch partner, Streaming dai.. Use the code: 10%ForYou for 10% off your productShop: https://shoppy.gg/@crashpredictor3 My Biggest CRASH Come Back Ever... (HUGE PROFIT)Use My Code: Kazlic OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATIONMy social MediaTikTok: KazGamblestwitter: https://twitter.com..

♦ Follow Los ♦Youtube https://www.youtube.com/LosPollosTV1Twitch https://twitch.tv/lospollostvTwitter https://twitter.com/lospollostvIG https://www.i.. Unlike poker, you can do very well in Roobet Crash by simply playing with small bets, such as 1.5 dollars. If you've come up short following a bigger bet, simply double that number and play a few rounds in which you only bet small amounts until you hit double your loss Unlike dice, roulette, or other Bitcoin casino games, Crash is extremely simple. Users are able to place bets on an increasing chance of winning big - but run the risk of losing out the longer they wait! A Bitcoin crash game is similar to any other option available on a crash betting site

In couple of words what is Roobet Crash: the racket goes up and can crash any second. All you need is to put down a bet and afterward think about when the racket will crash. Be speedy and press the catch. On the off chance that you figured out how to press the catch before the racket crash - you can twofold and surprisingly triple your bet, in any case, grieved, you lose it Roobet Verification; Blog; Crash Terms; Contact; Donate; Crash Platforms. Crash game was a game that attracted great attention by users. For this reason, many new platforms were opened and existing betting game sites also started to include this game on their sites. All of the platforms offer the opportunity to bet with cryptocurrency, to send and receive money, some of them accept single. Online gambling could be sometimes very exciting and the next second really anxious, especially when you are playing a game like Crash on Roobet. There are many various games in online crypto casinos like Roobet and Crash is one of the most popular. Have you tried it? Let's find out how to play Roobet Crash [ Roobet crash game became extremely popular during the last months. How to play Roobet crash game, what it crash algorithm, are there any strategies to win crash Roobet. Why people use Roobet crash VPN. Let's discuss these questions and find out everything about this fun and exciting game. Crash on Roobet game is not a new one. It was invented many years below. And it is a kind of gambling. Roobet Crash Promo Codes - Best Coupon Codes. CODES (9 days ago) Bitcoin Crash Promo Code (Roobet) : promocodes.(4 days ago) You must use both these codes when signing up: promo code: 100REF21. my unique referral code: 1412508.Sign up online, by phone - 206-439-5700 - or at a BECU Branch and keep acct. opened for 90 days

Fast Speed: A lag in speed is not only annoying but can also affect the outcome of games like Roobet Crash. After choosing a VPN with all the desired features there are just a few steps left to get started playing at Roobet: Install the VPN: Installing the VPN is easy. In some cases it only involves adding an extension to your browser. Your VPN provider will provide the necessary instructions. Roobet Crash Predictor 2021. Every casino player wants to have fun, but most importantly win some money. It is why some of them have started to create some strategies to minimize losses. There would be nothing wrong with that, if there were not many speculators who tried to deceive not only the casino, but especially other players Roobet crash algorithm is pretty simple. The game randomly calculates the number when the racket crash - it can be from 1 to 658000. Sure, nobody will wait for this number, but if you can double or x5 your bet - that is amazing, isn't it

Roobet's Crash has a 96% RTP while Stake's Crash has a 99% RTP! This makes a huge difference for players using this strategy. I know this site is called Roobetstrategy, but the edge difference is so big that I can't promote using Roobet's Crash in good conscience. If you're interested in improving your edge further, check out m Roobet Verification; Blog; Crash Terms; Contact; Donate; Predictor. Crash Game Glossary. There may be some technical terms used in the crash game and chat. If you are a new player, you may have trouble understanding what these mean and even lose games and money because you don't know the meaning of some words. We have prepared the Crash game glossary to guide and help you. On this page you. Roobet Verification; Blog; Crash Terms; Contact; Donate; BC.Game Prizes and Promotions. There is no classic BC.Game welcome bonus that you might see in other casinos. Instead, here you have a series of newbie tasks that you need to perform to receive rewards. For example, you will get cryptocurrency if you verify your email, make a bet, or just say hello in the public chat. Make sure you.

Roobet Verification; Blog; Crash Terms; Contact; Donate; BC.Game Script - Manual Enter V3. BC.Game Script - Manual Enter V3 New Script The Manual Enter Script allows you to easily bet the odds and amount you want without complicated algorithms. By writing manual bets of different amounts and rates, it will allow you to easily play strategies that normally require very complex coding. You. Play Crash game! Best alternative Roobet is betsmixer - play crypto roobet.com games, bitcoin casino, btc dice, btc crash game, btc crypto casino robet games. Some actions that will result in restricted chat abilities: — Chat spam — Harmful speech and Slander (most common) — Asking or requesting any funds from any players.

Today we will focus on Roobet Crash, a centralized platform that has been operating for 2 years, and which accepts the use of two different crypto assets, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Within this platform, we can find several mini-games such as dice, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, crash, and more. The platform has also integrated a system of levels that increases according. Crash is a game which solely relies on your connection to Roobet. The rounds are played out in real-time therefore the strength and stability of your network and device are absolutely paramount to a fluid experience. Here are a few reasons why issues may occur

How to play Roobet crash? Playing Crash is relatively easy. All you have to do is wait for a new round, and then you can place a bet. Once you've done that, patience is everything! You will also see how many players are in your round. Then the rocket goes up. This happens fast, so you need to press Cash out when your intuition kicks in. You will earn money if you cash out before the. Roobet Crash: The crash game Roobet has developed is one of the most popular games on the site. Basically the game starts with a multiplier set at 1. The multiplier increases until at some point it crashes and goes to zero. The goal of the player is to cash out at the highest possible multiplier but if they wait too long they lose their bet. Payout is the original stake times the multiplier. CryptoGames is a Bitcoin gambling site offering Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Lottery, Poker, Plinko and Slot game to play also with Ethereum, Dogecoin & Litecoin. DuckDice. 3.5 rating. Best crypto dice game on the web: instant BTC deposits & withdrawals, a bunch of bonuses, highest faucets, live support, lossback available for HR What is Roobet Crash? Roobet Crash is a fun and easy to play the game on crypto casino Roobet. We do not encourage anyone to gamble. However, if you would like to have a great evening playing fun games and winning some money, you can try this exciting game. In few words what is Roobet Crash: the racket goes up and can crash any moment. All you. Roobet: In order to pique your interest, Roobet offers a couple of free codes to new players, allowing you to play a few rounds on the house for free. If you only want to see how Crash works for a little bit, Roobet will suit your needs. TrustDice: Offers a free Bitcoin faucet/Crypto faucet to all users. The Bitcoin faucet will give you a small.

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Roobet Crash Game Package. Contribute to drewnicolette/roobet development by creating an account on GitHub Increase your Roobet Profit's by learning the optimized strategies for all the games. We have customized strategies for all the most popular Roobet games, such as Roobet Crash, Mines, Dice and Towers. We also have strategies for popular games such as Blackjack and Crazy Time Roobet Strategies and Bots Increase your profits and strategy to have the best chance of winning big! We have created and tested our Betting Strategies , including Crash Strategies , Dice Strategies , Roulette Strategies, and other slots Crash gambling & Bitcoin Crash - what's the difference? The first crash gambling game came from CS GO crash gambling (skins gambling). Players were using real money or skins to bet in Crash. After the cryptocurrency and bitcoin hype, some companies have developed Crash gambling games with bitcoin and crypto, such as ourselves, Bustabit, and Roobet Top 3 Roobet Crash Big Wins! We've got some biggest roobet wins down below, but first look at these Top 3 Roobet Crash Big Wins of this week There were juicy big wins on Roobet Crash this week! Amanda23 took home $1,335 after a 89x multiplier Johny8 altered his $10 wager into $1540 thanks to a 154X multiplier! One Lucky Roobetter is bringing us all out for dessert, after hitting a juicy.

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  1. Roobet Crash Casino Review. Promotions; How to register at Roobet casino; Roobet Customer Support; Comments; RooBet hit the online casino market back in 2018. It focuses on several key gambling regions in Europe, as well as in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However this casino is not available for some countries. Online security is highly important when you are gambling. Many people all.
  2. Didn't expect Roobet to be this disrespectful.3) If you think everything is transparent, it's not. Its all done by a software, and it is extremely rigged. You see the animations, software already knows what color on a roulette to randomly pick, you think Crash goes towards a certain multiplier(ex. x10), it doesn't; Crash software picks a perfect moment to flip players over, based.
  3. imum bet. And of course, Crash allows players to win big — you just need some luck
  4. Roobet strategies and bots. Increase profits with our dice strategies, crash strategies and much more! Roobet bots, and strategies for good prices! Skip to content. Main Menu. Home; Shop; Contact; 0 Home / Shop Shop. Showing all 5 results Sale! Crash 100x Crash Profit Bot $ 19.99 $ 5.99. Sale! Crash 2x Crash Profit Bot $ 19.99 $ 5.99. Sale! Crash Crash 1.25 Profit Bot $ 19.99 $ 5.99. Sale.
  5. Now you can start playing Roobet CSGO Crash, slots and other games on the site. There is a small element of risk involved when using a VPN at Roobet. If they detect you are using a VPN, Roobet may close your account and the funds it contains will be forfeit. If you are using a good VPN the chance of this occurring is small. There are a few things you can do that will lessen the odds of being
  6. Roobet bitcoin casino has been really popular during the latest months. Many people are looking for Roobet Australia or Roobet US to play their favorite games like Crash, roulette, video slots and many others.Let's find out how to play Roobet from different countries, how it is possible and is it legal

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  1. g, an important position is occupied by casinos, where there are several
  2. What is Roobet History? As we mentioned, Roobet was online in August 2018 for the first time. Firstly they began with just their popular game Crash and BTC deposits / withdrawals. After that, they have created new Roobet games, like Mines, Dice, Towers and the most popular Roulette. Finally they offer a number of different casino and.
  3. You can deposit, play and withdraw the money from Roobet and check yourself that it is real and legit. Great news for Roobet players! This online casino offers a special bonus of 0.001 BTC (No Deposit) for new players. How to Play Roobet Crash in USA. With a secure VPN for Roobet you can play one of the most popular Roobet game - like Crash.
  4. You're supporting Roobet Crash Your donation will benefit Cameron Young. Enter your donation $ CAD.00. Tip GoFundMe Services. GoFundMe has a 0% platform fee for organizers and relies on the generosity of donors like you to operate our service. 0% 12.5 % 25%. Enter custom tip. Continue. Payment method. Donation details (optional) Don't display my name publicly on the campaign. Your donation.
  5. Roobet is one of the fastest growing online crypto casinos. It has all the popular gambling games like slots, roulette, blackjack, or baccarat. There are some other entertaining games like Towers, Crash, Mines, or Dice where you can win big too. Unfortunately, Roobet is not available everywhere. You are not allowed to play in the United States.
  6. Roobet is one of those crypto casinos where you can find various games, including baccarat, blackjack, and even roulette. But that's not all - you can equally find other games at this online gambling site like Dice, Game Shows, Crash, and Mine. However, not all people can access Roobet. For example, residents in the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and Italy.
  7. And also, if you feel that RooBet Casino does not satisfy all your needs or you are not winning or making money from the games and looking for better RooBet Casino alternatives, below we have helped you to list all the genuine sites like RooBet Casino. You can browse through them to choose the one that suits you best and also accept your country. List of Sites Like RooBet Casino and better. 1.

Some general information about Roobet. Go to Roobet. All Collections. General. General. Some general information about Roobet. 12 articles in this collection Written by Harrison. Contacting Game Providers for Issues If there is an issue with a live game provided by Evolution or Pragmatic gaming, this is the process for having that issue investigated. Written by Harrison Updated over a week ago. Roobet Crash game is one we loved here. It is a game of chance designed by the Roobet team, which can be played effortlessly. It cannot get simpler than this game. The game is available directly on the landing page itself, and when you click on it, it takes you to a new window. Game Design In the new window, you will see the Crash graph with an animated rocket. On the left of the graph, you. Roobet scam free online casino has the fastest, almost instant, withdrawals of any casino I've ever played at. Withdrawals are 5-10 times faster than other casinos out there. The deposit credits are also instant. So, you don't have to wait for confirmations n order to be able to play. Every game available at Roobet is mobile friendly. Games of other online casinos, that always had issues on.

Crash - Roobet. Play Now. Stake. 5.0 rating. Stake Modern Bitcoin Casino & Sports betting platform. Enhanced privacy. Instant deposits & withdrawals. Provably fair slots & games. 130+ crypto currencies Roobet. 5.0 rating. Roobet, crypto's fastest growing casino. Hop on in, chat to others and play exciting games - Come and join the fun! Bitsler. 5.0 rating. Bitsler offers casino games like. Python & Java Projects for $10 - $30. I would someone to code a crash predictor for roobet with 80% accuracy, closer to the multiplier value the better. It would need to get the value before the round actually starts. Also need to have a.

Roobet crash is a provably fair game which means players are able to verify the results of any round to ensure the outcome was indeed random and fair. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Buku ini dijual terbatas, dapatkan sekarang juga. This amazing crash game will enable players to partake in both manual and auto. I am a computer science student and i've made a program that. Crash. One of the most played casino games, on Roobet Crash, you bet the amount you want, and then a multiplier (starting at 1) starts to increase. It's possible to cash out at any time you want, and the higher the multiplier goes, and the later you cash out, the more money you win Roobet.com offers a wide variety of easy, provably fair casino games including Crash, Roulette, Dice, Mines, and Tower. Each of these cryptocurrency casino games uses Blockchain technology and requires two to three ingredients to help calculate the provably fair outcome: Server Seed (provided by Roobet), Client Seed (provided by the player), and Nonce (a number that increases with each bet)

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  1. Roobet Crash is equally simple and engaging. Basically, you make a bet and the game's rocket ship takes off. The aim is for you to bail (i.e. cash out) before the rocket crashes. The higher the rocket climbs without crashing, the more you can win. Since these two games in particular may be new to you, feel free to play them in Demo Mode (i.e. free play) to get a feel for them first before.
  2. Just a quick infos about me: I´m working in the Gambling Affiliate Business for more than 15 Years, i know really a lot of it! Alright, I see a lot of false information on here so let shine some light on this topic (from an insider such as myself)..
  3. roobet crash predictor -- 2 I would someone to code a crash predictor for roobet with 80% accuracy, closer to the multiplier value the better. It would need to get the value before the round actually starts

i need a roobet crash predictor that works. I'll pay whatever it takes. I need to check the program first as there are a lot of bogus programs. Skills: C++ Programming, C Programming, Software Architecture, Python See more: pay visual basic program written, pay per view program, roobet crash, crash gambling roobet, how does roobet crash work, how to play roobet crash, roobet crash algorithm. Roobet is 100% safe and legal. For starters, it is licensed and regulated by the Curacao e-Gaming Authority, which is one of the most respected regulators in the online gambling ecosystem. In addition to that, all the games available on the site are offered by the leading and well-respected casino game developers Roobet crash is one of the most popular games at the casino and for a good reason. You can also play this exciting game at the Stake crypto casino. This game is extremely fun and not found on many other sites. The rocket is run on an RNG system so each time it launches it could be a completely different time that it's flying through the air. Sometimes the multiplier can go over 500x. Many.


  1. Anders als der Name Roobet vermuten lässt, werden keine Sportwetten angeboten. Dafür jedoch hat der Anbieter diverse spezielle Games im Portfolio, die es so kein zweites Mal gibt - darunter beispielsweise eine Art Aktienkurs-Spiel mit dem Namen Crash, oder auch Roulette mit Känguru Münzen, um nur einige zu nennen
  2. --- Bustabit Predictor Download Free: https://mega.nz/file/SGoSgC6A#_e7x6xc2y5Y0IqsaTUiS1N5epZ9gHxzjeA-ORa1semg Password For extract : 1234 Tags busta..
  3. roobet crash predictor. I request the creation of a program that predicts the crash point with 99% accuracy at Roobet Crash Site. I'm looking for someone who has a source of the same content that has already been completed. or can be resolved in a short time. Must be a program thats Windows Compatible. Skills: Windows Desktop, Software.
  4. Roobet Crash & Slots Glücksspiel ROOBET PROMO CODE. CODES (3 days ago) Use the promo code limit you are on the site. UPDATE: Except Raffles and roobet promo codes, there is also a new reward in Home up with roobet promo code the next time I comment money today
  5. 7) Roobet does not respond to customers, they mute customers if you talk the truth. 8) The chat customer support sits at home, not in the office. ( There is no office) 9) Roobet does not have control over players when a person creates an account and they and says in the chat that he is from the EU, they banned only after that
  6. g arcades of all time
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Roobet is an exclusively cryptocurrency casino, which means that you will need to know how to send and receive cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) in order to play at the casino. Deposits are credited to your account as soon as they are detected by the currency's network (almost instantly), but they will only be withdrawable once the transaction has received at least 3 confirmations I would like a Roobet Crash Predictor. That accurately tells me when the rocket will crash 95% of the time. I would like someone who has already created a Roobet Crash predictor, or somebody who has done something close to that. Message me for more details about the job. Skills: Python, Java, JavaScript, Certified Ethical Hacking, Codin

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Play Roobet Crash from USA and other countries 17 Août 2020 Online gambling could be sometimes very exciting and the next second really anxious, especially when you are playing a game like Crash on Roobet Prior to playing the game, you can watch roobet crash video to comprehend what's going on. During a couple of moments individuals put down their wagers - all the players appear on the left half of the screen. After that the racket goes up and on some second it crashes. You will probably take your cash back before the accident. On the off chance that you figured out how to get your cash.

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REQUEST roobet crash hack. Thread starter datboss420; Start date 7 Apr 2021; Tags crash predictor request roobet Forums. Home. Requests . D. datboss420 Newbie. Registered. 7 Apr 2021 0 0 0 0 7 Apr 2021 #1 im looking for a roobet crash predictor. im not sure if someone can make or fix one i seen on github.. ROOBET CRASH PREDICTOR 05/16/2021 - Browsergames Trading - 0 Replies Hello everyone. A friend of mine and I have recently completed our Roobet Crash predictor. We are proud to say that it has a 90% accuracy (can't win every time) I am trying to convince my partner to allow a subscription type purchase. If there is enough interest I'm sure.

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Roobet Crash Challenge Series - Cashout above 5x on Crash, min bet $0.50. - Reply with a screenshot. - Reply with your Bet ID and Roobet username. 5 lucky Roobetters will win $100 on-site balance each Roobet Admins will never contact/message you first. Hop in on the action: https://roobet.com Roobet. @roobetcom. 12.3K subscribers. 662 photos. 6 videos. 1.15K links. Crypto's Fastest Growing Casino All stuff Roobet - Including updates, announcements, giveaways, and much more! Roobet Admins will never contact/message you first. Hop in on the action: https://roobet.com. Download Telegram to. RoobetLIVE | Roobet Gestatten, crash powered by klarmobil.de! Ihr seid immer auf der Suche nach dem besten Deal, wollt aber ein hochklassiges Angebot ohne Ramsch-Faktor? Dann heißen wir Euch herzlich willkommen. Wir bei crash gehen in die Tiefe des Marktes und suchen die Tarife, die sich wirklich lohnen. Dabei haben wir immer die Gelegenheitssurfer im Auge, die einen günstigen Tarif mit guter Netzabdeckung und. Roobet Website during the month of December - Every 24 hours you can click on a gift and you would get a CASH PRIZE. Giving away free cash prizes for 25 consecutive days is a nice freebie. In addition, throughout the year in general Roobet is offering other sweepstakes, giveaways and freebies. Simply sign up and subscribe to their newsletter so you would be informed whenever a freebie is.

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I request the creation of a program that predicts the crash point with 99% accuracy at Roobet Crash Site. I'm looking for someone who has a source of the same content that has already been completed. or can be resolved in a short time. Must be a program thats Windows Compatible. Skills: Windows Desktop, Software Architecture. See more: roobet predictor download, roobet crash predictor app. Roobet Review, how does crash on roobet work. How does crash on roobet work Highlights of our casino review up to €1,000 in matched deposit bonuses over 1,000 games ultra-quick deposits and withdrawals licensed and reputable casino about the casino surf casino is a relatively new addition to the crypto gambling family

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For only $5, Masonthecreator will coach you in roobet crash. | - Learn from a Roobert.com EXPERT and get updated coaching lessons- Learn a high quality winning strategy for Crash- See how I consistently turn $50 | Fiver The game became very popular among gamers, and soon it spread to real money gambling. Crash graph gambling is an online multiplayer bitcoin. Roobet Crash Prediction Calculator I would like for you to be able to predict the correct multipliers coming from Roobet's Crash game or Bust a Bit at least 75-90% of the time. If you can go higher for multiplier accuracy, that would be great

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Cari pekerjaan yang berkaitan dengan Roobet crash algorithm atau upah di pasaran bebas terbesar di dunia dengan pekerjaan 19 m +. Ia percuma untuk mendaftar dan bida pada pekerjaan Crash Betting Game Roobet - Roobet Casino Launched In 2019 Captaincharity Com. The games play right in your browser and even work with macs—and you don't have to register or. Crash game was a game that attracted great attention by users. Trust platform's bitcoin crash game works by showing gamers a. Crash *bet 10 coins on doubling your money.* > balance= +10 (because you betted 20 you win 20. Roobet casino also gives players some money daily, which is then added to the available balance and used for gameplay. This offer resets daily at 0:00 UTC, and players are only allowed to claim it once in a 24-hour period. How to Win & Claim the No Deposit Bonus at Roobet. Claiming the no deposit reward at Roobet online casino is a piece of.

Roobet Crash Predictor, Roobet Games 2021; Biggest Roobet Casino Winners and Multiplier !! COINSWITCH Cryptocurrency Exchange, The Simplest Trading at the Best Price! Search for: Recent Comments. roobet crasher on Roobet Crash Predictor, Roobet Games 2021; ETH Roobet Refferal Code on ROOBET Referral Code & Coupon, Free Roobet Bonus in 2021! coinswitch trader on COINSWITCH Cryptocurrency. Roobet Crash is likewise among the Roobet timeless video games with the most significant possible victories Did you see that multiplicator on the pictue listed below?? Roobet Crash Predictor 2021. Every casino site gamer intends to have a good time, yet most significantly win some money. It is why a few of them have actually started to create some techniques to reduce losses. There would. Roobet's crash game, featuring a kangaroo on a rocket ship. A simplified roulette, also featuring Roobet's trademark 'roo. A straightforward dice game with manual play and autoplay. Mines, a casino version of the nostalgic Minesweeper computer game. A tower-climb mini-game where you get to the top by always picking a prize. We tested the games and found them to be simple, but enjoyable. Since. This crypto casino is well known for the Roobet Crash game, in fact, it's their battle horse in attracting new players plus other new crypto games such as Tower, Roulette, Mines, Dice. However the fun doesn't stop here, actually, you can choose from an endless list of bitcoin slots supplied by the most famous game providers Crash roobet ile ilişkili işleri arayın ya da 19 milyondan fazla iş içeriğiyle dünyanın en büyük serbest çalışma pazarında işe alım yapın. Kaydolmak ve işlere teklif vermek ücretsizdir Roobet Crash Predictor -- 3. I request for the creation of a program that predicts the crash point with 99% accuracy at Roobet Crash Site. Preferably a candidate with experience in this subject before. I am using a Mac, so the predictor must be Xcode or Pycharm friendly. Once finished, I will need to access the functionality of the program with accuracy and then funds will be released once the.

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