I understand that even reading the word BitGrail enrages members... but bear with me. I need to get my trade, withdrawal and deposit history from Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 4. Trouble logging in to BitGrail. Close. 4. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Trouble logging in to BitGrail. I. BitGrail is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange with Service Centers based in Italy. BitGrail offers trading pairs such as BTC/XRB, BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC, BTC/BCC, BTC/DOGE, BTC/LSK, BTC/BTG, BTC/CFT, BTC/RPX. BitGrail is a RaiBlocks dedicated exchange, every pair mentioned is also available in RAI instead of BTC Is it possible to get our account information for our BitGrail account? Hey Guys, I am busy doing a tax return in my country, and I am looking to claim the BitGrail scam as a capital loss on my tax return. Problem is, we cannot get any of our account information on the website. I was wondering if we email the entity in possession of the website and data, are they able to provide us with the. There will be TWO lawsuits. They are postponed and will be held in March and April 2020. From the site bitgrail.com: We inform all creditors of BG SERVICES SRL bankruptcy procedure (RGF n. 16/2019) that the Delegated Judge on October 1, 2019, ordered the postponement of the hearing to April 16, 2020, at 9:00 am

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  2. Account Security Open source 2-factor authentication Storage of funds: Online. Account Requirements Required ID: No USA accepted: Yes. Supported coins: Bitcoin Cash ; Creativecoin ; CryptoForecast ; Dogecoin ; Ethereum ; Litecoin ; Nano ; Visit BitGrail. Visit BitGrail Now. BitGrail Reviews. What people say... Leave your rating. Order by: Be the first to leave a review. Verified / 5 {{{ review.
  3. Bitgrail allowed me to create an account and transfer in btc but then would not let me withdraw. They delayed using KYC requests and finally admitted they were insolvent. The hacker didn't steal my btc. Bitgrail stole it. 20. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2. Silver | QC: CC 70 | NANO 102. 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago. How did you file your claim? All claims made not using their.
  4. Bitgrail-Hack: Opfer des Hacks schöpfen neue Hoffnung. Krypto-Börsen werden immer wieder zu Opfern von Hacker-Attacken. Ein Fall, der nun schon etwas länger her ist, war der Hack der Bitgrail-Börse. Bei diesem Hack wurden über verschiedene Schwachstellen mehr als 100 Millionen Euro in Kryptowährungen erbeutet, ein großer Anteil entfiel dabei auf die Kryptowährung XRB, heute bekannt.
  5. BitGrail is an Italian cryptocurrency exchange which is best known for being hacked of $170 million in Nano (formerly Raiblocks). While there were red flags for weeks leading up to the hack, Nano and Firano blamed each other for the theft and disagreed about how to deal with the aftermath
  6. g the file on the created Bitgrail portal? I have tried multiple times logging in, but I am always met by a Brute force attack and other errors, and it is getting me nervous because my previous claim was declined for identification issues, but when I want to fix it they don't.
  7. BitGrail, NANO, Raiblocks (XRB)-In another twist on the now lengthy scandal involving the hacked cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, Francesco Firano, the platform's owner, has been sentenced by court of law to return investor funds-at least to the degree that he is able. According to the Medium page BitGrailVictimsGroup, a scanned court document was uploaded on Monday, Jan. 28th.

Currently, the most prevailing theory is that a few accounts took advantage of a bug in BitGrail's design that doubled the account balance of deposited funds (i.e., if you deposited 2 ETH, the bug displayed an account balance on your exchange wallet of 4 ETH). This resulted in artificial account balances that, essentially, minted currencies on the exchange with nothing to back them. Thus. A Twitter account that has been affiliated with Bitgrail in the past, posted a Tweet this week stating (in Italian), all is fine. FAQ. 1. Sì, sto bene. 2. No, non mi hanno arrestato. 3. No, non. Im Februar 2018 wurde die italienische Kryptobörse Bitgrail Opfer eines Hackerangriffs. Es konnten rund 17 Mio. Nano (12,75 % der Gesamtmenge) entwendet werden, was zur damaligen Zeit umgerechnet rund 170 Mio. Euro entsprach. Der Besitzer der Börse, Francesco Firano, schob [

Some 230,000 account holders at BitGrail were affected in the attack, which honed in on the platform's reserves of Nano cryptocurrency. FF is thought to have been responsible, or to have taken no action to prevent the attack and the losses which resulted from it. Director of the National Centre for Cyber Crimes Ivano Gabriell said while under suspicion, the specific role played by FF. BitGrail Advantages. Competitive Fees . BitGrail charges flat fee of 0.20% per trade which is a competitive pricing. With a. By comparison comparison, Mercatox, another exchange that offers RaiBlocks, charges 0.25%. Besides, BitGrail does not charge deposits and its withdrawal fees are not high, as you can see for yourselves 26. Mai 2019. Es gibt Hoffnung für die Opfer des vermeintlichen BitGrail-Hacks. Das zuständige florentinische Gericht erklärt den Betreiber der italienischen Exchange für bankrott - und macht ihn für das Abhandenkommen von Nano-Token im Wert von 170 Millionen US-Dollar verantwortlich. Es ist ziemlich genau ein Jahr her, als ein. BitGrail didn't lose all of its Nano. Just most of it. So once BitGrail gets back up and running, previously-affected users can create an account and get 100% of their lost Nano balance restored.

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  1. Following the loss of XRB Bitgrail has claimed insolvency and is not in operation, whilst unofficial sources claim that the exchange had been insolvent months earlier. The source in question claims to have discovered that the account from which user funds had supposedly been lost funds, (BitGrail Representative 1), had multiple transactions of large even numbers, (e.g. 3000, 5000, 8000 XRB) to.
  2. More recently, affected BitGrail account holders formed a group called the Bit Grail Victims Group (BGVG) and took Mr. Firano to court. According to a post they released on Medium, the court declared BitGrail and Mr. Firano as bankrupt which allowed for the seizure of their assets. The court also found that Mr. Fiorano was aware of earlier losses of Nano from his exchange's hot wallets, but.
  3. THE BITGRAIL EXCHANGE RULING: A WIN FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE USERS. Nearly one year after Francesco Firano, the owner and operator of the Bitgrail cryptocurre n cy exchange, announced that the.
  4. BitGrail trade volume and market listing
  5. Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail announced it lost 17 million Nano cryptocurrency (XRB, formerly known as RaiBlocks), currently worth over $170 million
  6. Die italienische Exchange BitGrail hat heute Nacht verkünden müssen, dass ihr 17 Millionen Nano gestohlen wurden - was gestern Nacht noch einem Marktwert von fast 160 Millionen Euro entsprach. Es stellt sich die Frage, ob die Exchange einen derart hohen Verlust überstehen kann
  7. On Jan 14th 2018, Bitgrail made KYC mandatory for every account to comply with regulations, which was met by the community with the opposite of enthusiasm and zeal. It was quite incongruous, considering most other crypto to crypto exchanges don't require KYC unless you want to increase your withdrawal amount. They then forced all non-EU users to close their accounts with a grace period.

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  1. Italian police have accused the BitGrail CEO Franscesco Firano of allegedly stealing millions of dollars of cryptocurrency from the exchange's users, according to reports.Firano, also known as FF, has been accused of computer fraud, self-laundering (a type of money laundering) and fraudulent bankruptcy
  2. BitGrail is most likely currently looking at filing a bankruptcy petition. We do NOT recommend any users to create an account with BitGrail at this point. To find a reliable exchange where you can start an account, just use our Exchange Filters and we'll help you find the right platform for you
  3. BitGrail is pleased to announce the re-open of our exchange! Given the probable overload of servers, it is possible that in the first hours there may be slowdowns in the functionality of the site
  4. Das Gericht entschied in seinem Urteil, dass Bitgrail und Francesco Firano separiert Insolvenz anmelden werden und die privaten Gelder von Firano beschlagnahmt werden. Italienische Beamte haben daraufhin Firanos Vermögenswerte, im Wert von einer Million Dollar beschlagnahmt, darunter auch sein Auto. Auch heißt es: Kryptowährungen im Wert von mehreren Millionen Dollar wurden von Exchange.
  5. Although the BitGrail team claimed that hackers were responsible for the missing funds, observers say the loss was caused by the incompetence of the exchange. A Hard Fork Demanded As compensation for investors, the lawsuit is now asking the court to mandate Nano and its core members to carry out a rescue fork operation
  6. Francesco Firano, the owner of Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, has been ordered to return as much of the assets to his customers as possible by the Italian Bankruptcy Court. The judgment was published by the Bit Grail Victims Group (BGVG) on Medium on Jan. 28.. Lost 17 million NANO. The crypto exchange had lost 17 million NANO (approximately $ 170 million)

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  1. Sponsor My Nano Ninja! Donate for the upkeep of the representative and My Nano Ninja page. Thank you for your help
  2. You need an account in order to star coins, keep track of your portfolio, set up alerts, vote on coins as well as use all the other advanced features
  3. g that the problem was on RaiBlocks' end, while also tagging a group of RaiBlocks developers. In response to this, the RaiBlocks developers suggested a workaround for the problem that would solve any transaction issues while they worked on a fix. The situation seemed to be dealt with, until the BitGrail owner.
  4. In other words, you can either accept the BGS token refund deal - or BitGrail will shut down your account. Another catch is that the BGS token doesn't exactly have value or liquidity outside the platform: there's no way to deposit or withdraw the BGS token. It's exclusively available for trading on BitGrail. The tokens only have value because of BitGrail's promise to repurchase.
  5. — BitGrail Exchange (@BitGrail) December 19, 2017. Wo liegt die Wahrheit . Inzwischen konnten die User Auszahlungen nur noch in Bitcoins vornehmen, da es sich dabei um den einzigen verfügbaren Vermögenswert handelte, den die Plattform ermöglichte. Dies war eine der ersten Signalflaggen, dass mit der Börse etwas nicht in Ordnung ist. Alle Nano-Ein- und Auszahlungen wurden nachfolgend.
  6. Startseite; MicroStrategy, Coinbase, Grayscale and Co .: Bitcoin Festival announced. 26. Januar 2021 | Keine Kommentare | Bitcoin. MicroStrategy entered the Bitcoin business early under CEO Michael Saylor. Now the listed company is [] Read More → Zmienność Bitcoina pomogła Ethereum osiągnąć nowy rekord wszech czasów: raport. 21. Januar 2021 | Keine Kommentare | Bitcoin. Cena eteru.
  7. Dabei sollte eine Anfrage an BitGrail geschickt werden ob die Höhe abgehoben werden kann. Da der Code lokal (Client seitig) ausgeführt wurde ließ sich dieser einfach manipulieren. Die Angreifer waren dadurch in der Lage mehr Nano (XRB) abzuheben als eigentlich im Account vorhanden waren. Wie viele Leute das ausgenutzt haben ist nicht bekannt
Italian police accuse cryptocurrency exchange boss of hugeItalia, trovato responsabile del fallimento di Bitgrail da

BitGrail Handelsmenge und Markt-Auflistunge As part of these efforts, on February, 24, 2018, we made contact with Espen Enger, a representative of nearly 600 BitGrail victims at the time — now over 1400, announcing our plans to help. It was announced yesterday that BitGrail, the Italian cryptocurrency exchange, lost 17 million of the cryptocurrency NANO (XRB). To date, the hack is worth over $170 million USD. A week ago, RaiBlocks rebranded to Nano and jumped in price nearly 40% in 24 just hours.The rebranding was highly anticipated by most in the project's community but not all were certain it would be the best move

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Citing regulatory requirements, the controversial Italy-based exchange BitGrail announced on January 24th it would prevent unverified non-E.U. users from withdrawing funds from their accounts. Furthermore, according to an update on January 30th, it is no longer (officially) accepting new non-E.U. unverified account holders at all. Nano (formerly RaiBlocks) token users are the hardest hit, with. Back to Sign Up! I agree with the terms and conditions {{{success}}} {{{error}}} Create account. close Italian police have accused the former chief of BitGrail of defrauding his users. Police said the suspect, known as Francesco Firano (FF), had faked a hack which resulted in the loss of $146 million in Nano. Authorities believe that FF either planned the attack or let it happen as a. The Twitter account @bomberfrancy appears to belong to Francesco Firano, the individual behind BitGrail (Reddit user /u/TheBomber9). After admitting to the hack, the account turned to attacking. Old btc deposit transactions should be fixed

Februar 2018 erfuhren, dass BitGrail Insolvenz anmelden muss, haben wir sofort eine umfassende Untersuchung eingeleitet, um herauszufinden, was passiert ist und wie wir den Geschädigten helfen können. [] Mitte Februar haben wir entschieden, dass wir einen Fonds für die Geschädigten einrichten möchten. Natürlich muss der Fonds angemessen und fair an die Betroffenen verteilt werden. Die. Verified account Protected Tweets @ Suggested users Verified account Protected Tweets @ Verified account Protected Tweets @ Language: English. BitGrail Founder Under Attack, as $170 Million in Nano Still Missing Francesco Firano accused of theft, fraud and even faces death threats, following his response to the hack 11 February 2018 13:17 GMT+2 / Finance Magnates Staf Therefore it was the Bitgrail exchange that actually requested to the node multiple times to allow the funds to leave the wallet (funds that in fact, had already left the account after the first. Little delay, 4:50 GMT (in 14 minutes)

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The latest company to be targeted is Italian exchange BitGrail, which lost $170 million worth of Nano tokens. BitGrail was careful not to use words like attack or hack in the statement it put out. Multiple accounts created by the same person in attemp to elude withdrawal limits will be closed as soon as discovered. Thank you

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Die Kryptowährungsbörse Bitgrail will bei einem Hack in der vergangenen Woche rund 195 Mio. US-Dollar verloren haben ernüchternder als der Aschermittwoch ist diese Woche nur der Blick auf die ständig auftauchenden Betrügereien mit Kryptowährungen. Die italienische Kryptobörse BitGrail musste am Wochenende. Von BitGrail steht eine derartige Zusage noch aus. Kommentare lesen (190) Zur Startseite Anzeige Anzeige BWI & Bundeswehr: Innovation und Kooperation Die Lehren aus dem Angriff auf Exchange Server. The Hack. On Friday, February 16, the Italian crypto exchange known as 'BitGrail' posted a notice addressed to all users informing them that hackers had infiltrated the exchange and walked away with 17 million Nano tokens (XRB) in hand. Since late November, the price of XRB has soared from around $0.20 to its valuation of nearly $10 last. Unbekannte Diebe haben die italienische Kryptobörse Bitgrail ausgeraubt und dort einen Schaden von mindestens 140 Millionen Euro verursacht. Soweit.

Italienische Polizei vermutet Bitgrail Betreiber hinter dem 100 Millionen Hack. Im Februar 2018 kam es in Italien zum größten Hack des Landes Cyberfinanzen betreffend und einem der größten in der Kryptogeschichte überhaupt. Rund 120 Mio. € wurden von geschätzt 230.000 Nutzern entwendet. Nun geht die italienische Polizei davon aus, dass. Bitgrail veröffentlicht Statement zu NANO . Heute passierte das unausweichliche. Um 21:30 UTC veröffentlichte die Börse ein Statement auf ihrer Website in dem sie angaben 17 Millionen NANO Coins durch einen Systemausfall verloren zu haben. Zum Zeitpunkt der Bekanntgabe bedeutet dies einen Verlust im Wert von rund $170 Millionen US-Dollar. Quelle: Bitgrail. 17 Millionen NANO entspricht circa.

BitGrail account-holders took to social media to decry the lack of reliability and trustworthiness of BitGrail's operations or the reliability of the XRB code itself. Despite the account glitches and functionality concerns that affected so many BitGrail users, the Nano Defendants did not distance themselves from the BitGrail Defendants as a direct result of the problems. NANO Developers Had. BitGrail was in the news, after the exchange lost 17 million of Nano (XRB), worth some $170 million. At first, the exchange tweeted a laconic statement on Thursday morning, announcing it halted trade in XRB. In a statement issued later on its official website on Friday, BitGrail said that internal check revealed some unauthorized. To backpedal for a second, on February 8, 2018, news of a massive hack of NANO tokens from the exchange, BitGrail, was teased to the general public via a tweet from their Twitter account. XRB Markets currently unavailable. — BitGrail Exchange (@BitGrail) February 8, 201 Unbekannte Diebe haben die italienische Kryptobörse Bitgrail ausgeraubt und dort einen Schaden von mindestens 140 Millionen Euro verursacht

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Einmal mehr liefert der Kryptowährungsmarkt negative Schlagzeilen. Ein 140-Millionen-Euro-Diebstahl schreckt die Kryptocommunity auf. 13.02.201 Nano (NANO), ehemals RaiBlocks (XRB), ist eine Peer-to-Peer-Kryptowährung.Es handelt sich um eine dezentrale Open Source-Kryptowährung, deren Architektur auf einem gerichteten azyklischen Graphen basiert und die unter der FreeBSD-Lizenz veröffentlicht wurde. Die Kombination von Distributed-Ledger-Technologie und einer Block-Lattice-Datenstruktur erlaubt es Nano, ohne Intermediäre zu. Bitgrail , i can see my wallet amount now...yesterday i couldn't. I just logged into Bitgrail and clicked on Wallets en saw my balance still there...but when i click on other menu buttons the message of bitgrail shows up. Important Notice blablabla. And i know thats just number and doesn'tmean shit. Only i was suprised for a sec because i couldn't open my wallet yesterday and now i. Bitgrail Bankruptcy hearing - Monday October 07, 2019. Again, It is not clear what they mean by 30 days, whether working (Monday to Friday) or calendar days (every day), so here are both dates: 30 Calendar day Submission deadline - Saturday September 7, 2019. 30 Working day Submission deadline - Monday August 26, 2019. Proof of Claim. Espen Enger May 12 2019: I think we have to wait untill.

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Bitgrail. As most of you are aware, Bomber from Bitgrail has doubled down on his unpopular decisions regarding withdrawals, verification, and account cancellation. At this point all I can tell you is the dev team is trying to discuss the policy changes with Bomber, although it's unclear on how receptive he will be to their suggestions and advice BitGrail is pleased to announce the re-open of our exchange! Given the probable overload of servers, it is possible that in the first hours there may be slowdowns in the functionality of the site BitGrail update 30.01.2018. Dear users, this is going to be a new update about what's going on, since seems that for someone a statement every half an hour is more important than the possibility to focus on work. Despite possible offenses, criticism, threats, I'm gonna proceed. Even if these are some of the things that can make updates.

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