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Documentation Learn how to use Exoscale's cloud services, start and secure virtual machine instances, use our storage service in your SaaS application, manage your account AP Exoscale Compute makes it very easy to scale up your cloud server to best suit your needs. Elastic IPs Reserve additional IP addresses, assign them to any instance, move them from one instance to another Starting fall 2020, the Exoscale APIs below are progressively migrated to a new version with an OpenAPI documentation. All new features and products, including NLB and export Snapshots are described in the new API v2 Exoscale SKS allows you to create Kubernetes clusters and deploy container applications DNS API documentation Documentation for the Exoscale DNS API. Learn how to authenticate, get domain information, configure your zone, add, update and delete records from the API

Exoscale Provider Configuration. The following provider-level settings are supported, either via HCL parameters or environment variables: key / EXOSCALE_API_KEY: Exoscale account API key; secret / EXOSCALE_API_SECRET: Exoscale account API secret; timeout: Global async operations waiting time in seconds (default: 300 Documentation for the Exoscale DNS API. Learn how to authenticate, get domain information, configure your zone, add, update and delete records from the API Exoscale Public API. Infrastructure automation API, allowing programmatic access to all Exoscale products and services. This documentation refers to an alpha version, and is currently not officially supported. The OpenAPI Specification source of this documentation can be obtained here Exoscale is the ideal partner for those looking to respect the strict Swiss data privacy laws. We also help engineers ensure that the workloads started in Austria, stay in Austria. Same goes for workloads started in Germany: we guarantee that they will remain in Germany. This means that your projects are GDPR-compliant when you work with Exoscale

Exoscale is a GDPR-compatible European Cloud Provider based in Switzerland with locations in various countries of the EU and Switzerland Infrastructure automation API, allowing programmatic access to all Exoscale products and services. This documentation refers to an alpha version, and is currently not officially supported.. The OpenAPI Specification source of this documentation can be obtained here:. JSON forma Cloud Test Suite Documentation. 1. Getting started. 1.1 Dependencies; 1.2 SSH key; 1.3 Security groups; 1.4 Permissions; 1.5 Clone and prepare. Cloning repository; Configuration. AWS; Azure; Exoscale; GCP; Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; OpenStack; T-Systems' Open Telekom Cloud; 1.6 Using Docker; 2. Tests Catalog; 3. Run; 4. Using existing clusters; 5. No Terraform runs; 6. Results; 7. Cost of run calculatio $ cs listVirtualMachines --region=exoscale Optionally CLOUDSTACK_REGION can be used to overwrite the default region cloudstack. For the power users that don't want to put any secrets on disk, CLOUDSTACK_OVERRIDES let you pick which key will be set from the environment even if present in the ini file. Pagination. CloudStack paginates requests

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The Exoscale CCM will create an Exoscale NLB instance containing a service forwarding network traffic received on port 80 to the port 80 of the pods matching the app: nginx selector. Annotations In addition to the standard Kubernetes Service object specifications, the behavior of the Exoscale CCM service node is configurable by adding annotations in the Kubernetes Service object's annotations map With Exoscale we're building infrastructure and services to help European teams build cloud native applications. This relentless focus allows us to build a cloud platform that's both powerful and enjoyable to use. Exoscale is a trademark of Akenes SA, a private company founded in 2011 and headquartered in Switzerland exoscale Apps documentation. Contribute to exoscale/apps-documentation development by creating an account on GitHub exoscale/ex: Documentation for exoscale/ex v0.3.6 on cljdoc. Articles are a practical way to provide additional guidance beyond API documentation. Please refer to the documentation to learn more about using them

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Via the API or CLI you can choose the initial size from 10GB onwards. Once your instance started you can expand the disk size as you like by increments of 1GB or greater. The lower and upper limits are specified in the pricing tables. You can find more details on how to scale your disk size in our documentation Exoscale is ISO certified by the most stringent auditors, to enable a smooth and safe adoption of our Cloud Platform. Read more. Trustworthy Support . Get prompt help from the real engineers working on the product. Easily accessible support is a just a click away. Web Application, CLI & API. Access your resources and automate your workflow using the tools you prefer, switching seamlessly. As of today we are introducing API version 2 for Exoscale products. Compliant with the OpenAPI standard it comes along with a new documentation section. We will progressively migrate calls to the new format and new products and features are released under the version 2 specification as of now.As part of the improvements to this new format, the new accompanying documentation is now complete. Modules¶. exo_dns_domain - Manages domain records on Exoscale DNS API.. exo_dns_record - Manages DNS records on Exoscale DNS Docker documentation search result

exoscale: All things Exoscale, in Clojure Documentation for exoscale v0.1.2 on cljdoc Compliant Kubernetes Deployment on Exoscale. This document contains instructions on how to setup a service cluster and a workload cluster in Exoscale. The following are the main tasks addressed in this document: Infrastructure setup for two clusters: one service and one workload cluster. Deploying Compliant Kubernetes on top of the two clusters exoscale/coax: exo spec-coerce fork Documentation for exoscale/coax v1.0.0-alpha12 on cljdoc exoscale/clostack: clojure cloudstack client Documentation for exoscale/clostack v0.2.22 on cljdoc

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exoscale documentation exoscale provider Resources. exoscale_ affinity exoscale_ compute exoscale_ domain exoscale_ domain_ record exoscale_ instance_ pool exoscale_ ipaddress exoscale_ network exoscale_ nic exoscale_ nlb exoscale_ nlb_ service exoscale_ secondary_ ipaddress exoscale_ security_ group exoscale_ security_ group_ rule exoscale_ security_ group_ rules exoscale_ sks_ cluster. Files for exoscale, version 0.6.0; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size exoscale-.6.-py3-none-any.whl (71.2 kB) File type Wheel Python version py3 Upload date Apr 21, 2021 Hashes Vie

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Exoscale is a GDPR-compatible European Cloud Provider based in Switzerland with locations in various countries of the EU and Switzerland. Installation. Before you create a new instance, you will need to set up a few things on the network of your cloud. Network Setup. A firewall routes data between multiple networks. One of the usually is the Internet, the other is the local network. By default. exoscale/ex-http: In which we deal with exceptions the clojure way Documentation for exoscale/ex-http v0.3.18 on cljdoc Documentation on SKS has already been extended and will continue to grow in the next weeks. The service has also already received a list of new features and upgrades: Terraform support in the Exoscale Terraform Provider. Lifecycle management: easy upgrade of control plane and node pools. Credentials rotation Exoscale is a public European cloud provider with data centers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Exoscale driver is based on the CloudStack one and uses basic zones. For more information and CloudStack specific documentation, please refer to CloudStack Compute Driver Documentation page

Exoscale specific variables for configs.yaml: Name Explanation / Values; keyPair: Name of the key to be used. Has to be created or imported beforehand. (required) zone: The zone in which to create the compute instances. (required) template: OS Image to be used for the VMs. (required) storageCapacity: VM's disk size. (required) authFile: Path to the file containing the Exoscale credentials. Exascale computing refers to computing systems capable of calculating at least 10 18 floating point operations per second (1 exaFLOPS). The terminology generally refers to the performance of supercomputer systems and although no single machine has reached this goal as of January 2021, there are systems being designed to reach this milestone. In April 2020, the distributed computing Folding. Detaillierte Informationen über Exoscale zu Benutzerfreundlichkeit, Funktionen, Kosten, Vor- und Nachteilen aus verifizierten Nutzer-Erfahrungen. Lies Ratings & Bewertungen und entdecke ähnliche Tools Documentation Use Provider exoscale. Verified by: exoscale Infrastructure (IaaS) version 0.23.0 Published a month ago Top downloaded exoscale modules Modules are self-contained packages of Terraform configurations that are managed as a group. Showing 1 - 2 of 2 available modules camptocamp / sks 2 months ago < 100 exoscale provider. camptocamp / openshift4 3 months ago < 100 exoscale.

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Exoscale pricing starts at $5.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. Exoscale does not offer a free trial. See additional pricing details below Depending on your Exoscale Organization, relevant SSH public keys will be automatically added to the VM. This provides an easy way to test out FCOS without first creating an Ignition config. If you need to apply any customization, you can provide an Ignition configuration as user-data when creating a new machine instance. Launching a VM instance (CLI) If you prefer to use a CLI you can. Exoscale Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Create machines on Exoscale.. Get your API key and API secret key from API details and pass them to machine create with the --exoscale-api-key and --exoscale-api-secret-key options.. Usag

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Exoscale : QCOW2 : Exoscale Marketplace: View: Google Cloud Platform : VMDK : Coming soon : View: Huawei Cloud including but not limited to documentation, services, and relevant intermediaries. When the User installs, copies, or uses the Software Product in any way, the User agrees to accept this License Agreement. If the User does not agree with this License Agreement, or is unsure about. Exoscale official documentation. Documentation. Learn how to use Exoscale's cloud services, start and secure virtual machine instances, use our storage service in your SaaS application, manage your account DA: 22 PA: 22 MOZ Rank: 29. Community.exoscale.com Go URL . Exoscale Data Centers in Austria, Switzerland & Germany. When running mission critical production workloads in the cloud, a. exo_dns_domain - Manages domain records on Exoscale DNS API. exo_dns_record - Manages DNS records on Exoscale DNS. F5¶ bigip_device_dns - Manage BIG-IP device DNS settings; bigip_device_ntp - Manage NTP servers on a BIG-IP; bigip_device_sshd - Manage the SSHD settings of a BIG-IP; bigip_facts - Collect facts from F5 BIG-IP devices; bigip_gtm_datacenter - Manage Datacenter configuration in BIG.

Go to technical documentation. Read through the Administrators' documentation. There you'll find all the details about installation and deployment, and how to set-up and use Whalebone. Whalebone Portal. You can administer Whalebone from the Whalebone Portal available through the cloud at https://latest.whalebone.io. here you'll find the Threats Dashboard, DNS analysis dashboard and all. Exoscale is a European cloud hosting that offers various products to help engineers and IT teams to deploy their applications on the cloud without the need to worry about cumbersome infrastructure setup. This blog looks briefly at the Object storage, the cloud storage service offered by Exoscale, and how easily it can be configured to an S3 compliant tool for backup management

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Exoscale bietet Vorhersagbarkeit dank transparenter Cloud Infrastruktur. Es gibt Spitzenzeiten und ruhigere Wochen. Mit der Exoscale Cloud können Sie sich flexibel an diese Gegebenheiten anpassen - ebenso wie die Kosten. Ihre Applikation, unsere Cloud Exoscale ist eine einfache und bequeme Möglichkeit Serverkapazität zu nutzen. Das Angebot. Exoscale: Pithos: your personal S3 object store on cassandra. Date post: 16-Jan-2017: Category: Technology: View: 947 times: Download: 2 times: Download for free Report this document. Share this document with a friend. Transcript: PITHOS@PYR. #CASSANDRASUMMIT. 0. mailto:@pyr#cassandrasummit @PYRCTO at Exoscale, Swiss Cloud Hosting.Open source developer: pithos, cyanite, riemann, collectd. AIM. --exoscale-affinity-group: Affinity group the machine will be started in. If a custom security group is provided, you need to ensure that you allow TCP ports 22 and 2376 in an ingress rule. Moreover, if you want to use Swarm, also add TCP port 3376. There is a limit to the number of docker machines that an anti-affinity group can have. This can be worked around by specifying an additional anti. A Dockerfile is a text document that contains all the commands you would normally execute manually in order to build a Docker image. Docker can build images automatically by reading the instructions from a Dockerfile. ENTRYPOINT: In a Dockerfile, an ENTRYPOINT is an optional definition for the first part of the command to be run. If you want your Dockerfile to be runnable without specifying. An elegant and purposeful API change management solution built on the foundation of OpenAPI and AsyncAPI, helping ensure that your API documentation is future proof. With Bump we can provide a clean and modern documentation to Exoscale's OpenAPI endpoints. Getting it integrated in our pipeline was a breeze, highly recommended

SlipStream Documentation. Docs » Tutorials » SlipStream Tutorial » Module II - SlipStream Web Interface Tour (Basic) » Prerequisites; Edit on GitHub; Prerequisites¶ Before starting the tutorial, you must have: An account on Nuvla (or another SlipStream installation), Accounts on two different cloud infrastructures, and; A properly configured workstation. Instructions on how to obtain. 9.5.2. Exoscale Vouchers for AoD¶. In this section we describe how users can easily discover the EGI Applications on Demand (AoD) service published in the EOSC portal Marketplace and submit a service-order request to deploy an elastic virtual cluster on the HNSciCloud pilot services. The virtual cluster will be deployed and configured with the requested software packages using the Elastic. Rancher is an open source software platform that enables organizations to run and manage Docker and Kubernetes in production. With Rancher, organizations no longer have to build a container services platform from scratch using a distinct set of open source technologies. Rancher supplies the entire software stack needed to manage containers in. Fedora CoreOS Documentation. Fedora CoreOS is an automatically updating, minimal, monolithic, container-focused operating system, designed for clusters but also operable standalone, optimized for Kubernetes but also great without it. It aims to combine the best of both CoreOS Container Linux and Fedora Atomic Host, integrating technology like.

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  1. Exoscale User Documentation; Exoscale API Documentation; Onedata ¶ Onezone Browser Interface (obtain the URL from the data manager for your organization) General Onedata Information; Onedata User Documentation; Onedata API Documentation; Keycloak¶ Keycloak Portal; General Keycloak Information; Keycloak Documentation; Nuvla (SlipStream)¶ Nuvla Operational Status; Nuvla Browser Interface.
  2. Net Tools modules. cloudflare_dns - Manage Cloudflare DNS records. dnsimple - Interface with dnsimple.com (a DNS hosting service) dnsmadeeasy - Interface with dnsmadeeasy.com (a DNS hosting service) haproxy - Enable, disable, and set weights for HAProxy backend servers using socket commands
  3. cloud-init Documentation. Cloud-init is the industry standard multi-distribution method for cross-platform cloud instance initialization. It is supported across all major public cloud providers, provisioning systems for private cloud infrastructure, and bare-metal installations. Cloud instances are initialized from a disk image and instance data
  4. Amazon S3 S3 for the rest of us. Browse Amazon Simple Storage Service like your harddisk. Supporting the latest and greatest additions to the S3 storage options. Define website endpoints, enable access logging, configure storage class, encryption and lifecycle (Glacier)

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Admin-Dokumentation. Benutzer-Dokumentation. Changelog. Technische Voraussetzungen. Unser oneclick™ Support-Team hilft Ihnen gerne weiter. Rufen Sie uns an: 0800 150 2400. Montag bis Freitag 9:00 - 17:00 Uhr CEST. support@oneclick-cloud.com. Datenschutzeinstellungen Kroki provides an HTTP API to create diagrams from textual descriptions. Kroki handles both GET and POST requests. When using GET requests, your diagram must be encoded in the URL using a deflate + base64 algorithm. But don't worry, if you're not familiar with deflate or base64 (or if you don't want to use them), you can also send your diagram as plain text using POST requests () Danger. For private clusters, you will need to either add an additional firewall rule that allows master nodes access to port 8443/tcp on worker nodes, or change the existing rule that allows access to ports 80/tcp, 443/tcp and 10254/tcp to also allow access to port 8443/tcp.. See the GKE documentation on adding rules and the Kubernetes issue for more detail Exoscale; Google Cloud; hopla.cloud; IBM; IONOS; Linode; Microsoft Azure; Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; OVHcloud; T-Systems Open Telekom Cloud; Scaleway; UpCloud; Wasabi; Generic. Openstack Swift; S3; Testing. Filesystem; RAM; Providers ¶ Specific provider drivers bringing quicker configuration. 3DS Outscale ¶ Note. This driver requires boto3. Configuration¶---outscale: driver: outscale aws.

Documentation Ansible 2.9_ja インストール、アップグレード、および設定 Secret key of the Exoscale DNS API. Since 2.4, the ENV variable CLOUDSTACK_SECRET is used as default, when defined. api_timeout. integer. Default: 10. HTTP timeout to Exoscale DNS API. Since 2.4, the ENV variable CLOUDSTACK_TIMEOUT is used as default, when defined. content. string. Content of the. In the above play we defined 3 tasks and use the group cloud-vm as target to handle all VMs in the cloud but instead SSH to these VMs, we use delegate_to: localhost to execute the API calls locally from our workstation.. In the first task, we ensure we have a running VM created with the Debian template. If the VM is already created but stopped, it would just start it exoscale-ch-gva: cloudstack You can also instantiate the connector several times (in compliance with your license) by comma separating the connector string. Here is an example Collections in the Ngine_io Namespace¶. These are the collections with docs hosted on docs.ansible.com in the ngine_io namespace.. ngine_io.cloudstack. ngine_io.exoscale. ngine_io.vult

Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized way exoscale_network. Provides an Exoscale Private Network resource. This can be used to create, update and delete Private Networks. See exoscale_nic for usage with Compute instances API Documentation; FAQs. Rancher Server; Rancher Agents/Hosts; Troubleshooting; These docs are for Rancher v1.0, for the current 1.6 docs, see here. If you are looking for Rancher 2.x docs, see here. Adding Exoscale Hosts. Rancher supports provisioning Exoscale hosts using docker machine. Finding Exoscale Credentials. In order to launch an Exoscale host, you'll need your API Key and Secret. EXOSCALE_POLLING_INTERVAL: Time between DNS propagation check: EXOSCALE_PROPAGATION_TIMEOUT: Maximum waiting time for DNS propagation: EXOSCALE_TTL: The TTL of the TXT record used for the DNS challenge: The environment variable names can be suffixed by _FILE to reference a file instead of a value. More information here. More information. API documentation; Go client. Deploying on Exoscale¶. Run through the entire lifecycle for a virtual machine on Exoscale. To understand how to manage virtual machines on Exoscale, follow the instructions for the entire Virtual Machine Lifecycle in the core part of the documentation

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  1. $ terraform import exoscale_nlb.website eb556678-ec59-4be6-8c54-0406ae0f6da6 NOTE: Importing a NLB resource also imports related exoscale_nlb_service resources
  2. exoscale_network. Provides information on a Private Network for use in other resources such as a exoscale_instance_pool resource. Example Usage locals {zone = ch-gva-2} data e
  3. — Exoscale documentation. Therefore we can't use them because the master nodes wouldn't be able to communicate via the EIP and this would prevent pods running on them from accessing the API. Network Load Balancer. Using a Network Load Balancer only allows to target instance pools. Since during installation, the bootstrap node needs to be included in the load balancing, we can't use an.
  4. AKENES SA (Exoscale): Exoscale was established in 2011, with the promise to bring simple, scalable, yet affordable cloud infrastructure services from safe locations. In one of the last countries allowing un-tamperable data storage, our expert team - battle hardened from experience in highly critical e..
  5. Hoss tracks and manages the APIs companies consume. API integrations come with inherent challenges, and the consequences of even one API failure can be significant. Hoss provides a simple, easy-to-use solution that gives teams full visibility into the third-party APIs they use, provides data privacy controls and increases reliability and performance to make sure integrations are robust and.
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  1. In diesem Artikel erfahren Sie, wo Sie die benötigten Daten für Ihr Exoscale Abonnement erhalten und wie Sie dieses in oneclick™ verknüpfen
  2. Exoscale is a swiss-based cloud services platform providing secure, privacy-compliant hosting and infrastructure services in European data centers. The Enterprise File Fabric, available in the Exoscale marketplace, is a data management and protection platform that unifies file and object data, including Exoscale Object Storage into a single, easily managed global file system. With the.
  3. Launching Exoscale Host (s) Now that we've found our API Key and Secret Key, we are ready to launch our Exoscale host (s). Under the Infrastructure -> Hosts tab, click Add Host. Select the Exoscale icon. Provide your Exoscale API Key and Secret Key, click on Next: Authenticate & select a Security Group. Next, you'll select a security group.
  4. g Exoscale scheduled snapshots. Working closely with Exoscale SnapShooter enables you to schedule from hourly to daily backups of instances. You can then customize rotation policies for daily, weekly and monthly backups
  5. Browse the best free and premium Exoscale Compute APIs on the world's largest API marketplace. Read about the latest Exoscale Compute API documentation, tutorials, and more
  6. Træfik Documentation. Skip to content Træfik Let's Encrypt Type to start searching GitHub Træfik GitHub EXOSCALE_API_KEY, EXOSCALE_API_SECRET, EXOSCALE_ENDPOINT: YES: Fast DNS: fastdns: AKAMAI_CLIENT_TOKEN, AKAMAI_CLIENT_SECRET, AKAMAI_ACCESS_TOKEN: Not tested yet: Gandi: gandi : GANDI_API_KEY: Not tested yet: Gandi V5: gandiv5: GANDIV5_API_KEY: YES: Glesys: glesys: GLESYS_API_USER.
  7. ded public cloud to host from simple applications to complex architectures. Start a virtual machine in seconds, and integrate current on-premises or hybrid-cloud deployments using standard DevOps tooling, would that be Terraform, Kubernetes, Ansible or the like

  1. Rhea Hybrid Cloud Documentation. Docs » Researchers » Cloud Resources » Virtual Machine Lifecycle; Edit on GitHub; Virtual Machine Lifecycle¶ The full lifecycle for Virtual Machines can be handled through the Exoscale portal. Log into the portal to view and control your resources. Security Groups¶ Your account will initially be configured with an empty default security group. This.
  2. libcloud-778_godaddy_documentation libcloud-772_godaddy_driver libcloud-769_backup_driver Downloads pdf htmlzip epub On Read the Docs Project Home Builds Free document hosting provided by Read the Docs
  3. For Exoscale, the identifiers are available from a separate web page . You will have to consult documentation from the cloud providers to understand the allowed values and their meanings. The following table shows the differing sizes for Exoscale and Ultimum (just another cloud brought here for a comparision). Exoscale Ultimum CPU RAM (GB) Micro - 1: 0.5: Tiny: Basic: 1: 1: Small.
  4. For additional details, see the documentation for the specific platform. Deploying QuTScloud to a Linux Platform. QNAP provides several disk formats that make it easy to deploy QuTScloud. Some cloud platforms restrict users from importing outside image, and provide a limited selection of operating systems. This will explain the process of converting a generic Linux system, such as Ubuntu, to.

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  1. as-block: AS59392 - AS61261 descr: RIPE NCC ASN block remarks: These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region. mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT created: 2020-06-22T15:23:11Z last-modified: 2020-06-22T15:23:11Z source: RIPE aut-num: AS61098 as-name: exoscale remarks: exoscale - swiss cloud services org: ORG-AS256-RIPE import: from AS174 accept ANY import: from AS8447.
  2. Knowing this, the Exoscale team created a tool called CS, which allows to interact directly with their Cloudstack API through the command line or a script. As the Cloudstack API allows for numerous possibilities, this document narrows it to a selection of commands available on Exoscale API. This list is non exhaustive but should help you to get.
  3. exoscale: Exoscale (cloud platform) gcp: Google Cloud Platform (cloud platform) ibmcloud: IBM Cloud, VPC Generation 2 (cloud platform) metal: bare metal with BIOS or UEFI boot. openstack: OpenStack (cloud platform) qemu: QEMU (hypervisor) vmware: VMware ESXi (hypervisor) - only on hardware version 13 or later. vultr: Vultr (cloud platform) Want to help? Learn how to contribute to Fedora Docs.
  4. This plugin is part of the ngine_io.exoscale collection (version 1.0.0). To install it use: ansible-galaxy collection install ngine_io.exoscale. To use it in a playbook, specify: ngine_io.exoscale.exo_dns_domain
  5. Exoscale. Storage S3. An S3 Compatible Object Storage to store your assets, files and metadata at a competitive price. Learn More Documentation. Google Cloud Platform. Storage S3. Google Cloud Storage (GCS) provides worldwide, highly durable object storage that scales to exabytes of data. Learn More Documentation. Hetzner. Storage SFTP. Cloud Storage located in Germany and Finland. Learn More.
  6. Cloud Credentials¶. You must provide your cloud credentials to Nuvla, so that it can act on your behalf when provisioning cloud resources. To learn where to find your Exoscale API key and secret and how to configure your user profile see the main SlipStream documentation.. For this tutorial, add credentials for the exoscale-ch-gva and exoscale-de-fra regions
How to use Packer to create Exoscale Custom TemplatesPrivate networks documentation and tutorials | ExoscaleIntroduction — Rhea Hybrid Cloud Documentation D-PIL-3The Ultimate Guide to mysqldump - SnapShooter Documentation

Source code for libcloud.compute.drivers.exoscale # Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more # contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with # this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership We are really proud to announce that SKS has now been rolled out in all Exoscale Zones and has reached general availability. Like detailed in our introductory announcement, this also means that starting tomorrow April 1st, 2021: SLAs on SKS are fully enforced - PRO version Support is fully active Billing for PRO clusters begins Web portal access will be live Documentation on SKS has already be.. The following documentation is done using exoscale PaaS (a Swiss cloud provider). The process should be quite similar with another provider. We assume that you already have an account registered on exoscale. It comes with a free trial which should be sufficient to test Dashkiosk. Deployment tool installation¶ The first step is to install the deployment tool. For exoscale, this is done with. See the config drive extension and metadata introduction in the public documentation for more information. By default, cloud-init does always consider this source to be a full-fledged datasource. Instead, the typical behavior is to assume it is really only present to provide networking information

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